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"Before we met our analysis, we didn't know a lot about Social Security. We were both widowed and receiving benefits from our late spouses and we wanted to get married but didn't know how it would affect our benefits. What we thought would be a difficult situation turned simple and we are estimated to receive around 1.5 - 1.7 million dollars in lifetime benefits." 
— Suzanne and Chris P.
"As someone who feels like I know more than the average person about Social Security, I had already looked at my numbers but I still wanted a second opinion. My Social Security Advisor brought all the numbers together, and I realized I was better set up than I thought! And now I am set to receive an extra $1,100 per year and I would recommend anyone. 
— Joanne W.
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"We didn't know where to start, we had so many questions, what age would we file, how much money would we receive, what benefits are we eligible for and so much more. We were so fortunate to have such an incredible Social Security Analyst who walked us through all the variables to make the right decision for us. We will end up with $9,000 extra each year for our retirement years and we couldn't be more grateful!"
— Karin and Paul R.

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